Tree Surgery Services

Here at Erskine Tree Surgeons Ltd we provide a wide range of tree surgery services. Our full listings are detailed below or alternatively view our home page for most common tree surgery practices requested:

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Formative Pruning: 

This is conducted on young trees and includes the removal of weak or problem branch attachment unions. This is a proactive pruning exercise that helps to eliminate common weaknesses in mature trees.

Crossing Branch | Deadwood

Crown Cleaning:

The removal of dead, damaged or crossing branches, unwanted epicormic growth and climbing plants contained within the crown and trunk of a tree.

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Crown Lifting:
The removal of lower limbs to a specified height above ground level, this helps provide clearance to footpaths, roads, driveways etc. High crown lifting, in some instances, can help with sunlight issues.

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Crown Thinning:
This practice reduces the density of a tree, allowing sunlight to penetrate through the crown and subsequently assisting with shading issues. It can also visually reduce the size of a dominant tree and its wind sail.

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Crown Reduction:   

Reducing the height/crown spread of a tree can facilitate further light into a particularly shaded area, allowing the sunlight to come in over the tree. Reducing the height also reduces the likelihood of windthrow in some instances and can help maintain a large specimen tree in a confined space.

Take down in discs  |   Straight felling

Dead or Dangerous Trees Felling:

Dead or dangerous trees can be difficult to extract due to the health and safety implications. Our staff are trained and experienced in this type of tree removal and can work safely within confined spaces.
Sectional Dismantling of Trees in Confined Spaces:

In the urban area it is common to find large mature trees growing in confined spaces, removing these heavy structures can be very difficult. With numerous target zones and risk factors our staff specialise in full extraction with limited disturbance.

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Stump Grinding:

Stump grinding removes the bole of the stump to approximately 300mm below ground level. Root extraction is also available, but can dig up a large proportion of land in  doing so. Removal of the root bole will stop all root growth and  allows you to re-plant/surface the affected area.

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Cable Bracing:

This is an artificial support system assembled within the crown of a tree. It helps reduce pressure within highlighted branch unions and it can extend the safe useful life expectancy of a tree.

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Tree & Shrub Planting:

Experienced planting procedures will increase the success rate of newly planted trees and shrubs. We offer to supply a large range in size from whips to heavy standards.
       Woodbark              |      Woodchip

Plant Fertilising and Mulching:

Fertilising/mulching individual trees and shrubs, or the whole bedding area, improves the quality of topsoil. This is where trees and shrubs extract the nutrients they need to survive. Mulching alleviates compaction issues in soils as well as helping to keep those weeds at bay for a little longer.

Tree Structure | Aerating the Soil

Tree Root Aeration:

This can be conducted on mature trees or whole bedding areas and is done to aerate heavily compacted soils. This system is based on breaking up the compacted soil platelets and introducing nitrogen back into the affected area. This all helps to get the water moving again to allow the plants to feed.

Shrub Bed           |          Hedge

Hedge Maintenance:

We offer an annual/biannual trimming service to help ensure that hedges are contained within their designated growing area. When ‘drastic’ action is required we can reduce height and  sidewall extension, and offer long term strategies specific to each species.

Pruning        |       Secateurs

Specialised Fruit Tree and Shrub Pruning:

Specialised pruning helps maintain aesthetic values of fruit  trees and shrubs, whilst heightening fruit and flower productivity.